Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Medication Harmonization

With my condition, I've had to fight off a lot of ills.

Life is easier when you are given the right medicine,

I've had IVs and injections, but mostly pills.

Below is a list of some of the drugs I've taken.

I'm sure I've left more than a few off this tabulation,

The last four years I have played a kind of medication roulette.

The medications mentioned are from top of the head improvisation.

So as not to show bias, the meds are in order by alphabet -


To reduce spasticity I take Baclofen

Clonazapam  turned me into a zombie

When my poo got too hard, I took Coalase to soften

I took decadron to make my brain less swelly

A painkiller called Dilaudid filled me with glee

Fioricet rushed my headaches away

Thanks to Flomax, I filled the toilet with pee

Gabapentin didn't keep the tremors at bay

Hydrocodone provided quick and easy pain relief

no more pain with morphine

Nuvigil keeps me awake and on task

Provigil worked ok until Nuvigil hit the scene

Ranitidine - you probably know it as Zantac

Calm the tremors with Requip

A spasticity med that didn't work is called Tizanidine

Viibryd = no more frowny lip

With Zoloft, the sun always shines and the grass is ever green

I can't make everything rhyme on this,

specifically, I speak of TBI is...

Throat is Bumfuzzled about Ingestion - It is not uncommon for TBI and stroke sufferers to develop dysphagia - Siberian for "confounded neck-hole". I still have difficulty swallowing liquids without some getting into my windpipe.

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