Friday, April 8, 2011

Micro-blog #1

I haven't added to my blog for a long time because I haven't made the time to add to it. Up until now, I (erroneously) believed that each entry had to be a long and exhaustive update on all things Jarrett. This misguided approach to blogging, coupled with my diminished ability to type and the concomitant frustration that results, effectively stifled my blogging gland (my "bland", if you will). In order to de-stifle said gland (the "bland", as I just mentioned), my blogtor said I should try writing less, but more often. Behold! The micro-blog was born!
     Let's get to it then -
     I don't work any more. The district approved FMLA starting back in January (the start of the spring semester), I have since resigned.
     I am not without remuneration, the private disability insurance I auspiciously signed up for when I started working graciously agreed that I was indeed disabled and will pay me to be disabled for the next two years.
     Therefore, I spend my days at home cleaning, cooking and physical therapy-ing.
     Most of my time is spent as Qs (Quinn, my daughter) thrall. She says "jump", I say "I can't, I'll fall down", she says "I want a pop tart", and I say "we're all out, you ate the last one yesterday", then she screams until my ears bleed (then I hear birds singing : D).
     I think that'll be all for micro-blog #1, stay tuned for #s 2, 3, 4...and so on, and in that order! Ciao.


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