Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No more Pate

Today, I finished my last day of rehab at Pate. This finishes up a long journey for me, which began back in June, 2009. It feels strange to be “cut loose”, if I may use that saying.

To recap -- at my worst I was unable to walk, talk, sit up straight, or do things like tie my shoe. At this point, I can do all those things, though when I walk and talk it appears that I'm drunk, and it takes me a lot longer to tie my shoe.

I saw the doctor today, and he approved botox injections for my left leg and my left arm to help with the spasticity. If that doesn't work, I will try the baclofen pump. It seems that is where the doctor thinks I will end up, anyway. As the injections are only temporary, they are supposed to last about three months.

I spoke with the therapists today about helping with athletics for the fourth nine weeks, and they seem to think that it would be all right. I would like to do this because I would like to get to know the seventh grade athletes for next year and because I just miss going into the gym in the mornings. This does mean that I will miss out on one period of planning a day, but I hope to have everything under control by that time, anyway.

Teaching continues to go very well, I had enough time away to put together a very good plan for my class and so far it’s been very successful. It is also very nice to be back in my old routine.

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  1. I knew you had it in you to get back up and running. I'm very proud of you for the strength you have shown through this ordeal. Keep up the good work.